Hello, My name is Kique Marcos, I’m a graphic designer and front end developer who lives in Madrid.

Since the beginning of 2014 I had the idea to illustrate a piece of news a month, ¿Why?…

Each Month
I choose a Piece of news
I make a Reflection
I have an Idea
and I draw an Illustration

Like any designer in a moment I had the need to be able to design without being tied to the needs and indications of customers, but did not want to go aimlessly, I needed a goal and create me an obligation. A idea was borned, illustrate a story by month, news that caught my attention well because these looks like surprising, notorious or just funny. So I got an obligation but also the freedom to design.

So this site is nothing more than a showcase of simple illustrations that try to represent my way of understanding the world. I invite you to observe and judge my illustrations and why not, buy some these. For only 3€ you can download a picture at 300 dpi in A4 size, and for 5 € in A3 size, so you can print from anywhere to excellent resolution.

For whatever you want you can write to my email.

For the critics and suggestions you can do it commenting on this page or in each illustration.

And if you want to know more about me as a professional, you can visit my linkedin.

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Kique Marcos, diseñador gráfico y desarrollador front end de Madrid.